Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Begining Has Just Bugun

So, this is it. I finally have a blog. I've become "that person". One that has a blog. A blogger. I've avoided it so long because I can't stand the word blog. I'm sure I don't need to list off the many similarities to unattractive words in the English dictionary so I'll leave it at that. I don't like it. As well as that, despite being involved in various sectors of internet communities, things like this, I don't like. Posting information about myself, photos of my life. On-line chat, on-line video. Not because I think it's strange for other people to know it. People who I may never have met, but because I can't think why anybody would want to know it, to see it, to read it. Not in a self-deprecating "why would anyone care about me" way. That's far from the truth of who I am.
Anyway, I've done it now. In part to force myself to be more active with my college research. If I'm presenting all my findings on-line for all to see. Well, I could easily end up looking like a total spud monkey if I stop doing it. That's the last thing I want.

So it turns out there's no such thing as a spud monkey. Already this blog business is making me look like a fool. Here is the next best thing. A monkey(of no particular description) with a potato or "spud", a colloquial term for potato.

On another note, coming up with a blog address was a pain in the arse. chloeblackman.blogspot had gone. So had chloechloechloe.blogspot. For a minute I thought I might have to be chloeblackman1. Which is as good as bending over.
The hyphen saved me. Just.

Just to clarify the purpose of this blog. It's likely to be a list of ramblings, intertwined with some research or interesting things I might happen to be looking at at that particular moment and possibly some of my own work.
For now! I'm going to get some lunch and head off to the National Portrait Gallery to see the Photography Prize.
This blog guilt is working a treat already.

Oh no. I just remembered that Keane exsist.

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