Friday, 13 February 2009

Portraits in a Photographic Manner

So, I went to the National Portrait Gallery yesterday to see the Photographic Portrait Prize(check out all these lovely links I'm making work! How sweet) It was a nice little trip to Trafalgar with Jason so I can't complain really. Got us both out the house. And I got a bus pass this week and was in danger of going a day without thoroughly abusing it.
As far as the actual exhibition went, I was maybe slightly disappointed. I felt about this years showing the exact opposite as I did the last years one. Last year I loved most of the non-prize winning pieces...
by Harry Borden

by Billy & Hells

and didn't particularly agree with the prizes.
Except for...

Slavica feeds her baby son Nikola while her husband Nebojsa sleeps by Ivor Pricket

Which was deserving of far more than the Godfrey Argent Award I thought. Still however an award to be very proud of.

This year, I loved the five prize winning portraits and left the gallery barely remembering any of the others.
Besides a couple of exceptions...
Louise Bourgeois

Yes, so other than that, I wasn't particularly overwhelmed. And I usually hold this prize in high regard(what what don't you know), despite what I've heard from 'photographers' who say it's just amateur photographers or whatever. But what does that mean anyway? And I like it. That's what bothers me. Not that I really know anything about photography. Bloody fine artists.

In more fantastic news, we went to Paul's for a Cappuccino. And I kid you not(whoever you may be) Paul's make good ruddy Caps. People are always going on about the Italians and their coffee but if a French outlet can produce quality goods such as those Caps... well, it just blows the competition wide open. AND! There was a brilliant Come Dine With Me on yesterday. All in all, quite a success.

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