Saturday, 18 April 2009

While we're at it I suppose..

I love psychoanalysis! It's true about me. I'm a nerd. I love Freud.
For some reason last night, after finding out an acquaintance of mine was in fact a doctor of philosophy, I decided to have a long drunken conversation with him about, amongst other things, peoples fear of accepting Freudian ideas because it
will say too much about their own relationships. We also had a Nietzsche slating session which is for another imaginary internet/blog conversation. Anyway, a while back, I started researching Hermann Rorschach's
ink blot test. What a legend. He was a Freudian psychoanalyst who developed the famous ink blots as a way to expose the subconscious. That's him on the left. Actually quite fetching for a dead guy I
reckon. Not that I'm into that.
I had these home made post-it note examples of the ink blots on my bedroom wall/studio for an age before I could think of any way to incorporate them into a project. My main concern however was that all I could see them resembling were vaginas. What do you do?

I began thinking of them as collections and about how ideas and thought processes are the same thing. I wanted to display this collection of psychodisfunctions in a way which carries with it a certain amount of pride. At being human, at being analysed and to a certain extent, being a Freudian subject.

The accompanying quote reads

'What persuit is more elegant than that of collecting the ignominies of our nature?'
-Logan Pearsall Smith

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